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What MeTime provides?

At MeTime Book Cafe in Petaling Jaya, we're all about creating a quiet spot for you to relax and recharge. Whether you're here to enjoy a good book, sip on some coffee, or just take a moment for yourself, we've got the cozy space for it. Come join us, and let's make those peaceful moments happen together.

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How did MeTime started?

Ever found yourself idling in your car, clock ticking away, or on the hunt for that elusive spot where the world slows down just enough for you to catch your breath? Well, that's exactly how MeTime Book Cafe came into being. Tucked away on the 1st floor of The Square at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, we've carved out a little haven for anyone craving a break from life's relentless pace.

Picture this: a haven where the coffee's aroma invites you to relax, and the promise of a cozy corner with a good book or a soft blanket for a quick nap beckons. That's the essence of MeTime. It's our response to those countless moments spent seeking sanctuary in the bustling cityscape of Petaling Jaya.

At MeTime, it's all about embracing those in-between moments. Stuck with a delayed appointment? We're here. Need a quiet nook to recharge your batteries, both literally and metaphorically? Step right in. Our doors are open, offering not just a spot to unwind but a place to refresh too—yes, we even thought of a shower for those who want to freshen up before moving on to their next adventure.

Imagine a space where time doesn't just pass—it meanders, allowing you to soak in every second of tranquility. Every aspect of MeTime, from the comforting clink of coffee cups to the plush embrace of our seating, is designed to celebrate solitude and peace.

So, next time the world feels a bit too much, remember there's a slice of serenity waiting for you at MeTime Book Cafe. It's more than a visit; it's an experience. A step into our space is a journey to tranquility, a cherished break, a serene breath amidst the hustle. We're not just another cafe; we're your quiet corner in the bustling cityscape, a beacon of peace and simplicity.

Join us at MeTime Book Cafe. It's not just about finding a place to be alone; it's about discovering a peaceful retreat where every visit renews, refreshes, and rejuvenates. Right here in the heart of Petaling Jaya, we're your quiet escape, your moment of calm in a world that never stops moving.

“I never knew a quiet corner in the city could offer such a profound sense of peace until I visited MeTime. The serene environment, coupled with the soft background music, created the perfect setting for me to unwind and lose myself in a book. It's truly a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility."

Claire C


Spaces tailored for every occasion

Functionality You Will Love


Students: "Quiet Study Haven"

Discover a quiet sanctuary ideal for studying. With serene spaces and strong WiFi, focus and excel in your academic pursuits.


Working Professionals: "Deadline Dash Refuge"

Beat deadlines in quiet comfort. Escape office noise for our calm spaces. Perfect for auditors and professionals needing focus to meet tight deadlines.


In-Between Moments: "Cozy Wait Lounge"

Comfortable Spaces Between Appointments. Waiting for your next Jaya One meeting? Rest in our tranquil rooms with a drink in hand. The perfect pause in your busy day.


Professional Meetings: "Private Interview Spaces"

Offering private rooms with robust WiFi. Ensure your professional discussions and interviews are conducted in a serene, distraction-free environment.


Freelance Counsellors: "Confidential Counseling Corners"

Our secluded rooms provide the confidentiality required for counselling sessions. A serene setting fostering open, healing dialogues.


Private Events: "Customizable Event Spaces"

Ideal for any celebration - from birthdays to proposals. Our adaptable rooms welcome your catering, creating perfect, personal events.

1 space, multipurposes

Whatever kind of space you're looking for, we're here for ya!

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