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Cozy space

Whether you're looking for a quiet space to read, to conduct interview, to finish off the deadlines, or just to relax and recharge, MeTime has everything covered for you.

Meeting room

This room has whiteboard and marker pen for you to join meetings, or express your thoughts through handwritting.

Cozy bean bags room

Sometimes we just want to slouch somewhere, right? Here're the perfect room to just read or rest comfortably. Board games and books are the best place here.

Multifunctional room

You're here to work but also want to lie down every now and then? We've got you! Sleep on top, work underneath. Grab a drink from the cafe and you're good for the day.

Kids-themed room

Bringing along your kids? This room are equipped with children textbooks and toys to keep them occupied while the study table is for you to do your work.

Bunk beds for couple

Couples love this space. They get a little privacy yet cozy individual spaces on top of the bunk beds.

Compartmentalised space

We know, some people like to compartmentalise everything. There's a space for bed, space for laptop, and space to eat.

We're open every day, 11am - 8pm.

Book your appointment today to avoid disapointment when you need a space for yourself!

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